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Huggites! I actually have a Saturday Stuff for ya’ll this weekend.

Some of ya’ll may remember my review of Home Made Heroes, Grim Rascal’s tongue in cheek series about the everyday lives of B-list superheroes. Well book 3 was just released, and guess who has a copy?

I do.

Home Made Heroes 3
The best way for me to do this review is to post my review of Home Made Heroes 1 and 2. Which can be found here. After you’ve read that get back to me here, it will save us both a lot of time.

Back? Good.

If that review sounded like your cup of tea, then issue 3 will be a slightly less sweet, but more bold cup. Issue three’s biggest change from the previous two issues is that it takes risks. While issues 1 and 2 stuck primarily to super hero satire, issue three takes a big step into establishing a compelling narrative, and, for the most part, it succeeds. Home Made Heroes 3 is the series’ first step towards making its characters more than just walking gags, but real, memorable characters.

Full, in depth review:
So here’s the part of my review where I pick apart each section of the comic, starting with:

The Gags
Just like every HMH this book starts with a series of three panel comics following traditional comic strip rules. Each one is a joke pertaining to something in the superhero world. And just like with the last books they are a varying degrees of funny. Individual results may vary, but the majority of them I found funny in some way.

Peep Show
By far the strongest showing, even though it is only a page long. Peep show introduces “Sir Valence”, the cyclopian watcher of all that happens in the HMH universe. Not only was the story funny, but it is an interesting take on how we, the readers, are seeing everything that is happening. Grim Rascal has magnificently fused the fourth wall into his comic, giving himself future freedom interact with its audience in a way only Deadpool has been able to pull off.

American Booty
This is where we see the first grouping of superheroes in the HMH universe. The League of Guardians appears to be this universes “Avengers”. The story itself focuses on Captain Smarmy, and while it doesn’t add anything revolutionary to his character, it does reinforce him as a character.

The Beekeeper
I laughed at this one.
Not only for the slapstick.
But for a Brits version of Captain America.

Megalodon and Ninja Frog Man’s First Bad Guy 2
By far the most important to the universe as a whole, this story focuses on the two main characters of the comic: Megalodon and Ninja Frog Man. The art in this one is great, and really shows off Grim’s strengths. The plot is interesting, introducing a second group of super heroes who may or may not be super villains? Grim’s done a good job of keeping them enigmatic. The only thing that adds a speed bump to enjoyment is the blocks of text. Grim sets up all of his text so it doesn’t get in the way of his art and characters, sticking mainly to huge blocks. If they were dispersed into smaller bubbles throughout the panels it would probably seem like a smother ride. But this shouldn’t stop you from checking it out.

HMH is the first comic in the series to take a leap, to take a risk. Grim is putting more than just jokes out now, but is beginning to set up a story to carry the jokes. While the initial flying is a little rough, he balances it all out on the whole and I see the comic picking up speed in the next couple of issues. If you liked issues one and two, chances are you will like three. It’s worth a lot more than the 70 cents you can buy it for here.

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