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Hey Hugsians, (Huggers?)(Hug’mericans??)
Today I’ll be reviewing a comic series by Grim Rascal, a name you might recognize from my review of “The Fall #4”.
In addition to being a great pen for hire, he also has his own work, a work about super heroes, or… super people… calling them heroes might be pushing it. But whatever they are, I assume he makes them at his house, because why else would he call them

Home Made Heroes, as it exists at the moment, consists of two comic books. Unlike my review of the Fall, where it seemed important to split up the comic to review it, I will be reviewing HMH as a series, rather than two separate comic books. My purpose for this is two fold. The first is that each book is of roughly the same quality, and if you like the first, you will like the second, and vice versa. The second point, and perhaps the most important, is that they are stronger together than apart due to the slight story elements that begin to show between the gags.

Quick Review
Each comic follows the same formula. The first few pages are three panel gags, hitting and missing depending on what humor is your fancy. Some deal with double entendre. Some deal with super hero parody. Some deal with these hopeless heroes in awkward situations. The second half of the comics are full panel stories, putting a plot before a gag, or simply making the plot a gag. These are the best parts of each comic in my opinion, as you get to learn about some of the characters you see in the three panel comics, which greatly adds to their enjoyability as well.
You also get some neat cards at the end, which I assume will have rules to use them in later issues.
In conclusion: HMH reads like Tank Girl, for those familiar with the comic. The random situations, quirky humor, and sporadic story elements will quickly grow on those who are already fans of Tank Girl. I also recommend it for anyone who is a fan of the Tick, for many of the same reasons.

Long Review
While the quick review was mainly to show you what you are getting into and what the comic is like, in the long review I hope to dig beneath the surface of the comic and find it’s true meaning.
Grim Rascal insists that the comic is nothing but random jokes and quirky humor, while the main story is coming later, but I beg to differ. Almost every comic, almost every cartoon, has a lesson to be learned if only our eyes are opened to it.

We’ll start the long review with the two main characters: Megalodon and Ninja Frog Man. Megalodon is a super strong, tough sharkman who may or may not be able to swim. Ninja Frog Man isn’t actually a superhero in a real sense, yet. And that’s where the comic gets interesting. When you follow him, focus intently on what he says, you find out he only dresses like he does as an advertisement of his business. You find out some weird things about his brother, who is at the same time good guy and bad guy. You find out that he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty when it is the authorities job. And then, ever so slightly, you pick up aspects of the story coming up. Ninja Frog Man isn’t a hero, and by most respects it would appear he doesn’t even want to be one, but by dressing like one, hanging around one (Megalodon) and being wrapped up in super hero business, I have a feeling he will become one. So the moral of HMH might be “Fake it to Make it”, or “You become who you act like”. Grim Rascal may protest, and keep claiming that it’s random humor, which it is, but I have a feeling his subconscious mind, and the premise of the comic, may prove otherwise.

Fin (Get it… cause ones a shark? Fin?)
Home Made Heroes is funny, and well worth a check out. It ended far to quickly for my liking, and I can’t wait to read issue three. In the end, like it or not, they are very fast reads, and only 50 cents an issue if you contact him directly. $1 is a small price for what you are getting, and it is well worth a look. Who knows, Grim Rascal may be your new hero afterwards.
Edit: I forgot a link to his page! SO HERE IT IS

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