Unconscious 148

The arc is slowly wrapping up! For those of you who want to know, the song Uncy is singing is “Par les chemins creux de la lande” which translates as “In the Hollow Paths of the Moor”. It is an old french lullaby that goes like so. “In the hollow paths of the moor,
The black goblins, the werewolves,
In the night, in a saraband*
Chase one another like mad.
I hear a noise near the door,
Close your eyes, my little boy
The nasty werewolf takes away
The children who don’t sleep.

Sleep, my little man
For near the cradle your mommy
Watches over your light sleep
Till tomorrow, till tomorrow

I am not sure if it was around during the French Indian war, when the frenchman originally sang it, but I’m sure it would have existed in some manner.

I know there is no archive page yet, so I’m going to put the beginning of each story arc here for your convenience. I’m sorry for the wait but I hope you can be patient with me while I sort this out. Enjoy the arcs!
Scout’s Honor 1-18
A Game of Goats 19-36
One offs 1 37-39
Firework Vigil 40-51
Quoth the Revan 52-58
The Hallowed King 59-74
One offs 2 75-76
Hibernation Complication 77-81
Through the Eyes of Madness 82-86
One offs 3 87-88
Khan-El the Dreamless 89-94
A Wyrm and a Worm 95-100
Dreams Beginning 101-115
Space Goats 116-124
Elementary my Dear Itchy 125-current

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