Unconscious 125

A brand new arc with a ton of brand new characters! Introducing Patrick and Harris!
I’ll be at the Eastern Shore fan con tomorrow! You all should stop by!
New to the comic? There’s an about page over there! But here’s the link for anyone who doesn’t feel like scrolling. ABOUT

0 thoughts on “Unconscious 125

  1. Hey there! My name is Lea – my friend Scott and I met you at the UMES Fan Con on April 28th(I was the redhead, and he was the one dressed up as the guy from Supernatural). Just wanted to say that we really liked you and your comic. I actually came back to buy a comic from you, but you’d packed up and left. Good thing I kept your card! You’ve got yourself a fan here, and I’ll be first in line for your book next year!! (:

    Good luck!

  2. Really glad to hear ya’ll liked it! I definitely enjoyed talking to you two. Sucks to hear I missed a chance to get ya’ll a book! I had to head back early to make it back to Virginia at a decent hour. I definitely look forward to seeing you two again next year!

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