Unconscious 059

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  1. Re-reading this comic (which is pretty awesome in all respects), and something occured to me. If the Grims can be seen on Halloween… why didn’t Uncy visit Penelope every year? Just a thought.

    • Hmmm an interesting question. I’d never thought of that. I’d like to say “It’s the rules”, but Uncy has proven himself to be a rule breaker anyway, especially when it comes to Penelope. My best solution to why he never did was a combination of a few things: perhaps he feared his appearance would be too ghastly for Penelope at the time, perhaps he did not have the knowledge to use the teleportation scrolls yet, perhaps he hadn’t figured out that humans could see him during Halloween yet. As Death said while Uncy was confronting him about Penelope, Uncy was a recluse during his early years as a grim, spending countless hours in the library. It wasn’t until he was given Itchy as a responsibility that he left the house more, and thus would have been in the mortal realm during halloween. That’s what I’m going to go with. And thanks for reading!

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