Unconscious 328

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  1. @Gryphus 1

    If that was condescension at me and/or lemi, I am very amused. If that was condescension at the comic, I am mildly amused. If it was condescension at all, regardless of intended target, retrieve a pen and take notes on how it’s done. If it was merely a bumbling statement, I apologize for my trollishness, and for making you read the word “condescension” four times.

    There are multiple levels of irony enveloping this moderately grandiloquent diatribe in their labyrinthine embrace, and I hereby grant them their acknowledgment as is their due.

    • @Amgine I took it to mean it was obvious that Uncy was at June’s. And I am glad that came as no surprise, as Uncy wasn’t very ambiguous when he said where he was going next. I am also impressed with the elocution of your last post. Should diction be worth a million dollars you are of the one percent.

      @Gryphus 1 Surprise wasn’t what I was going for, merely transition, but I do apologize if it was not exciting enough.

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