Winter Vacation 2014

Hey guys! Sorry, no comic today. I’m taking 2 weeks off while I do the finishing touches on the third book to get it ready for publication. It also saves me from the inevitable Halloween creep that has been happening the past couple of years. Because each “Year” of the comic is 50 weeks, and there are 52 weeks a year, it means that the story arcs are offset 4 comics a year. This might not seem like much, but it adds up. So I’m taking 2 weeks off! Meanwhile I’ll be posting some random Uncy art by me, as well as some guest comics should I get any in. Don’t worry, Uncy and the gang will be back January 17th, but please keep stopping by to catch some awesome stuff.

Today’s “comic” is an animation I did a few weeks back. Ever wanted to see Uncy punched in the face repeatedly?

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