Saturday Stuff: Until We Sleep

I was supposed to review this last week, but with Christmas preparation I let it slide by much to my professional chagrin. My apologies to you, my readers, and to the writer of the comic who expected the review last weekend.

Until We Sleep
Until We Sleep #1 is the first comic in a series about who Dracula, the Mummy, the Swamp Thing, and other classic horror movie monsters really are. UWS takes these characters and makes them an elite fighting force known as the Shadowstalkers, chosen to take down the horrors of “Dyspair”, one of the demons of hell.
But the first book doesn’t have any of that. The first book is a prelude of what will come, and it is necessary, but leaves me wishing it had been a few pages longer.
The point: Guys. Trust me on this. The point is to turn monsters into heroes, the series isn’t at that point yet though.

The Good
The thought put into this book is the best part. There are angels and demons straight from religion and myth (Abaddon and Death to name a few), and the hierarchy of the after life is a prominent point of interest throughout the book. The writing is good, and the diction and dialect of the angels stands out as being higher, but less emotional, then that of human kind.
The art is great, and the style definitely suits the material.

The Bad
It’s short. Just as I felt I was getting into the story it ended at what I felt was the climax. I know this is a petty complaint, and one I know will be fixed with the addition of a second book.

Until We Sleep #1 is more of a prologue than anything else, which means it leaves you feeling unsatisfied. This is through no fault of its own, it is a fun story with good art that shows a lot of thought and hard work. It is a great start, and will be mandatory reading if you want to know what’s happening in the next books. Check it out Here

One thought on “Saturday Stuff: Until We Sleep

  1. Hey there.. budgeting a comic book is no easy task, so when the stories feel short, its probably mostly about funding it. I happen to know a few situations that exist because of that :)…I like the premise and wish u much luck, Bob!!

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