Unconscious 278

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  1. Not necessarily. He seems to already have established himself as a diplomatic link. compared to last year where one of the first things he did was piss off the spiders, I’d say we’re off on a pretty good foot.

  2. I don’t know everything. I do, however, know your e-mail, as you just used my phone to make that comment. That was very foolish of you.


  3. We know each other in person (I actually introduced Amgine to Uncy) and we usually bicker as our main form of communication.

    Don’t feel bad, about half the people we interact with wind up entirely confused too. The other half just decide they have better things to do and go on about their lives.

  4. But on a more relevant note (as promised), is that a wooden tiara on Itchy’s head, or does he just have a pinecone stuck to his hood?

  5. I would make a pun in reference to “contagious” and the character Infection, but I cannot seem to come up with a good way to do so. Consider it done anyway.

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