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I’ll talk about Baltimore Book Fest shortly!

Shortly: Baltimore Book Fest was a ton of fun. I met some amazing people, sold a ton of books, set a new record for myself, and even ran out of stickers. The avenue was splendid, the weather was magnificently cool, and the crowds were large. But I’ve told you all why I love cons. I love them because of the cool people I meet, and this one was no exception. I was in a tent with four other awesome, creative people who I’d like to talk about here.

Heritage Comics HSQ: Andre Campbell is the type of guy who fools you at first. He’s a tall, graying, legally blind gentleman who speaks softly when in normal conversation. But start talking to him and you realize that underneath all of that is one of the smartest, hard working, passionate guys you’ll ever meet. All of Friday he and I talked, and I learned a lot from him. His philosophy towards comics is one of the best I’ve heard, and his ability to dance to earth, wind, and fire and still get people to come to his table makes me envious. His books are just as great, with some neat concepts in character and plot. You need to check this stuff out.

Alt World: Think toys fighting the boogieman has been done to death? You’d be wrong. Tristan the teddy bear vs the boogie man is a great all ages book written by a man with the most British of accents, he also wears a kilt… not the bear… the guy who makes it. I sat next to Nick and his two kids all saturday and sunday, and it was hilarious to behold. One of my favorite moments involves his son, a deadpool sketchcard, and a bet that he couldn’t sell it to random people walking by.

Spaghetti Kiss: I’ve talked about Spaghetti Kiss before, because I thought they looked cool at Annapolis. I was close enough to talk with the creator, Michael S Bracco, this time around, and he is just as cool as his stuff looks. He even let me use his square card reader, to which I am eternally grateful. He does a ton of Tshirts, but his real passion involves his comic books. Dealing with Aliens, Kaiju, and space ships, as well as deeper themes such as greed, pride, and the power of creativity, his stuff is magnificent.

Interrobang Studios: I didn’t talk to them as much as I’d like. They were big, flashy, and awesome looking. I don’t have much to say except that one of the guys there is also named Scott, so I always remembered his name.

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