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Cosplays of Uncy poster

Actual updates start on friday! I hope you all enjoyed my two week break as much as I did. As you can see… I didn’t really take any breaks. I just did other art besides comic proper. Uncy is back on friday! Thanks for your patience! Full rez of the poster can be found HERE

Guest comic 1 2015 Alex Hammond

Finally a guest comic! This one is brought to you by Alex Hammond, an awesome artist who is working on a post apocalypse webcomic. I’ll post a link once he gets one.

The happy Itchy

So… I didn’t get any guest comics this year, and we are 2 comics into my 4 comic break. Here’s a happy Itchy gif.

New book video

Is that… an animated Uncy and Itchy?!? GASP. And thank you guys again for being such awesome fans. Without you and your support none of this would be possible. If I could give you all each a free book I would… wait… I guess I technically do. Thanks guys. You are the best fans ever. Thank you for an awesome year and I hope you stick around for the next one.