Unconscious 126

(NEW AS OF WEDNESDAY MAY 2nd!) Hey new people! I just realized some stuff I should say!
First, thanks for checking in! The website has some flaws that I am just now seeing and hopefully I’ll have them fixed soon!
Unconscious updates Monday’s and Friday’s
The archive page is on it’s way.
William updates on Wednesdays.
The buttons for the other stuff are up on the top right.

Back from the Eastern Shore fan con with a lot of good stuff.
I’d like to thank everyone who stopped by my table. I don’t think I had one bad conversation and I learned a lot.
And now for a short segment I call “The people in my neighborhood.” In TPIMN I will give a list over all of the awesome people I met.

Fajita Comic Fajita: An awesome Anime style comic done by the knowledgeable Ryan Thompson. Liked it so much I bought one of his books, and will probably send some fan art his way.

Amorous, Inc.:Has anyone ever noticed my comic has a cuteness problem? Well if my comic has a cuteness problem Amorous Inc has a mortal case of it.

Rhyme Et Reason: The people next to me! They seemed cool and they said they would give me a shout out so I’m doing it first so there!

There are some things I like, but I don’t think are appropriate for my audience. I really want to give them a shout out but I feel like I should let you, my fans, know that they are no suitable for everyone.

PLB Comics:The guys who ran the show. WARNING: GRAPHIC MATERIAL. I normally wouldn’t put something on this site that isn’t family friendly, but these guys were so great I broke my own rules.

Pyroglyphics and Underground Comixxx: I don’t think they were together, but they were set up next to each other and I think they knew each other so I’m putting them together! I’m going to put my DISCLAIMER on here just because I haven’t read there stuff. It looks appropriate for those aged 13 and up.

Unconscious 125

A brand new arc with a ton of brand new characters! Introducing Patrick and Harris!
I’ll be at the Eastern Shore fan con tomorrow! You all should stop by!
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Unconscious 124

Hey guys! Looks like I may be going to the eastern shore fan con after all!
I’ll know the day before hand.
Anyway look! The end of the arc! More cliffhangers? Maybe, but it at least pushes the Khan-el stuff off until I want to deal with it.
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Can’t wait to see ya’ll for the next arc, I’m really excited for it.

Unconscious 123

Hey guys,
Looks like I won’t be going to eastern shore fan con, some stuff has come up.
But look at that! Comic 123! Unconscious can finally count.
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Want to know what I was talking about in the ed note about comic 94? How about here!

Unconscious 122

Guys Guys.
I’m going to the eastern shore fan con.
Look at it.

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Unconscious 121

Unconscious 120

Hey everyone! Some little things here.
1. Watching William will be updating as normal from now on! I’ve been very busy but with his birthday having been last week I have plenty of material!
2. Top Hat will return… whenever… maybe.
3. I’m doing sketch cards! Woo?
4. I can count to four!

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Unconscious 119

Really looking forward to the rest of this arc. I hope you all enjoy it!
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I’ll be at Eastern Shore Fan con on April 28th! And the Shoff Promotions Comic con on May 20th!

Unconscious 118

Wow It’s been a while since we’ve seen professor G. Let’s do a link dump here so you can find the little asterisks without having to click back.
A Game of Goats started here
Professor G’s first appearance and the boon reference is here
Uncy losing his head is here

I’m still working on an archive page! So I apologize for the links.

Oh man was the VA comic con fun. I had a blast and met some awesome people. Want a quick roundup of people I found awesome?
null Jesse Cowan is a scholar and a gentleman. His work “Little Wolf” is beautiful and well worth the look. You can check out his page here

nullAnd then there were two of the creative team behind “Snow by Night.” Which is a comic about colonial fantasy. Yes colonial fantasy. THEY FOUND A GENRE NO ONE ELSE HAS YET! Or maybe it already existed. Either way it’s pretty awesome. Check it out here

I’ll probably end up putting one or the other under my links page. But that would require a thunderdome match.
Two webcomics enter.
One webcomic leaves.