Unconscious 108

Did you know I haven’t drawn a grim in the comic for over a month. Crazy. I’ve missed them.

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Unconscious 107

Why yes, going to sleep in a random field makes perfect sense.

Unconscious 106

Unconscious 105

The Lazarus Tapestry explained part 2! I bet ya’ll can guess what happens next!

Top Hat Erasable 008

FInally a new top hat erasable. I plan to do this twice a week from now on.

Unconscious 104

The Lazarus Tapestry explained part 1. Now for the question you are all asking.

Where is Itchy?

He’ll be back soon.

Or will he?

You’ll just have to stay tuned.

Unconscious 103

Unconscious 102

This comic arc will be a roller coaster of serious and funny, and a little bit of historical fiction.

Unconscious 101

And so the origin of Unconscious begins. The only Unconscious comic to have no weird creatures so far!