Unconscious 100

That’s comic 100! Wrapping up year one, and what a wild year it has been. I hope ya’ll have liked it so far, and if you haven’t feel free to contact me and let me know why! And if you like it so far, maybe buy a book when it comes out? *pulls out hypnotism watch*

Unconscious 099

Who would ever want to date an ugly, mean jerk like that? I mean Infection not the dragon.

Unconscious 098

Sometimes, I wonder if I make everyone around Unconscious a jerk just so he can be a jerk back.

Or if I base it off of my real friends.

Unconscious 097

Oh Fellclint of the Eastwood. The way you only talk out of the side of your mouth in a southwestern drawl reminds me of someone… but I can’t place my finger on it.


John Wayne. Yeah. That’s it.

Unconscious 096

This weekend my girlfriend and I went and saw the OK Corral live in concert and they were awesome. It would be weird if they had been dead in concert. I highly recommend them, they fall somewhere in the category of spontaneous rock. You’ll see what I mean. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-OK-Corral/8964900324


Oh! Comic stuff! What to say… What to say… Did you see the new site? Yeah, it’s awesome.

Unconscious 095

Mother Nature Makes her first appearance! I wonder what she has planned for Unconscious.

Unconscious 094

And that’s the end of Khan-el… for now.

Unconscious 093

Sleeping with Itchy is about as appealing as sleeping with a tarantula.

Unconscious 092

My new years resolution? Make comics that make sense. Oops. Guess there is always next year.