Unconscious 015

Unconscious 014

Ohh yeah. Two comics on Twosday! Take that pretend schedule! In yo face!

Unconscious 013

Monday’s comic up on Monday! It’s like I’m pretending to have a schedule! Also! If you have any complaints, suggestions, idea’s or what not you can now email me! At scottmarkley@msn.com . I look forward to hearing from you all!

Unconscious 012

Comic number 12. It’s up! Enjoy it!

Unconscious 011

I am seriously updating every day. This is madness. Unconscious: BoD number 11 is up! Still working on the Zelda comic viewer! Thanks for your patience!

Unconscious 010

That’s a full 10! Hope everyone understands it. I’m working on making Unconscious a good guy as well as a bad guy. An anti-hero as it were. It’s tough!

Unconscious 009

Comic 9 is up and running. Glad to see I can do a comic in a day. Hope ya’ll like it!

Unconscious 008

Comic 8. More exposition. 4 in one week. Woo!

Unconscious 007

Updating Updating Updating! Comic 7 is out today! Comics will be updated once a week starting next week, every Monday, but I hope you all have enjoyed my week of awesome updates! Todays comic is all exposition, so it’s not that funny. Unless you are reading it in an Italian accent! And then it’s hilarious!

Unconscious 006

Saint Patrick’s day arc going nicely! I have been told the story is a little hard to follow so far. So here it is in a nutshell. Unconscious and Itchy are doing their jobs, making things unconscious and itchy. And who is well known for being unconscious and itchy? Boyscouts. But why are the leprhachauns there? Well thats for me to know and to tell later.
Enjoy the new comic!