The happy Itchy

So… I didn’t get any guest comics this year, and we are 2 comics into my 4 comic break. Here’s a happy Itchy gif.

New book video

Is that… an animated Uncy and Itchy?!? GASP. And thank you guys again for being such awesome fans. Without you and your support none of this would be possible. If I could give you all each a free book I would… wait… I guess I technically do. Thanks guys. You are the best fans ever. Thank you for an awesome year and I hope you stick around for the next one.

Unconscious 302

The Good The Bad and The Itchy

Guys, I’d like to take a moment to push my book as the best christmas present ever. Whoever you get this for will never want a gift from you again, saving 100’s of dollars over time.
Actually this book is awesome, that was sarcasm.
It is awesome.
No sarcasm.
All you have to do is click that little store button over there.->
It even has commentary and 10 bonus comics.

Spaceship Alphabet

Hey guys! I just realized this was on a facebook page, but it wasn’t the updated one! Here is the updated one.

The immensely talented David Lomax posted this to the comments and I had to share it.
“A is for Andromeda
(Its captain was Herc)
B is for Bebop
(Spike Spiegel’s a jerk)

C is for Challenger
Retired now – so sad
D is for Destiny
Seeding Stargates like mad

E is for Enterprise
With an awesome warp drive
F is for Fireball

G’s for Galactica
The cylon attacker
H is for Heart of Gold
Stolen by Zaphod, a slacker

I is for Ishimura
A ship of great cost
J is for Jupiter 2
In space it got lost

K is for Korolev
Crewed by Russia’s best
L is for Lexx
Where they’re not always dressed

M is for Millennium Falcon
A smuggler of fame
N is for Normandy
From from the video game

O is for Orion
Not yet completed
P is for Pillar of Autumn
Which went down undefeated

Q is for Quinjet
Built by Tony Stark
R for Red Dwarf
A sad sort of Ark

S is for Serenity
(Ironically – so frantic)
T is for Tardis
Its inside’s gigantic

U is for Unity
Which will re-seed our race
V is for Voyager
As homeward they chase

W is for Watchtower
The League has got clout
X is for X-Wing
Red Leader, pull out!

Y is for Yamato
Of considerable size
Z is for Zero-x
From those Thunderbirds guys”

He also encouraged me to check out him and his son’s DC alphabet, and I did and it rocked.