Top Hat Zombie Football

Am I really updating a Top Hat erasable for once? But on a Tuesday? That’s right I’m changing my top hat schedule…. to once in a blue moon. But look! It’s here!

Top Hat Evil Genius 2

Top Hat Evil Genius

A new top hat? Madness. Hopefully I can keep this constant updating thing going.

Top Hat Skyfall

A brand new top hat. I’m moving updates of top hat to thursday due to tuesdays being annoying.
Todays top hat is a play at the new James Bond movie, and what would happen if disney got their hands on it.

Top Hat Vampire

Finally, an updated top hat. I know it’s been a while, but with the success of the spaceship poster I want to start going strong again.

Hipster Han

First time in a while I’ve done a Top Hat erasable. Here’s one I drew while at my last book signing.

Top Hat Erasable 009

Finally another Top Hat. These are harder to make than I thought. You can buy the emergency top hat at the zazzle store! Check out the link to the side. Also, big news! I’ll be at the VA comic con on April 1st in Richmond and at the Shoff Comic Con on May 20th. Show up to annoy me!

Top Hat Erasable 008

FInally a new top hat erasable. I plan to do this twice a week from now on.

Top Hat Erasable 007

New Top Hat Erasable!

Top Hat Erasable 006

New Top Hat Erasable!